Company Introduction


FIRDOUS: The grand “Firdous” has tree double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, hot and cold water, living room, front veranda facing the huge Himalayan mountains and the lotus flower covered with the beauty of Dal lake. The atmosphere, silence, breathtaking view and homely comfort gives freshness and renewed energy to any exhausted traveller.
KHUSHAL: “Khushal” has two double bedrooms and all other desired comforts as above.
NISHAT/KUSHDIL: “Nishat” and “Kushdil” are both the favourites of NEWLY WEDDED HONEY-MOONERS, as they have one double bedroom and all the comforts of privacy, facing the lake with it’s beauty.
AKBAR: “Akbar” is one bedroom boat, for NEWLY WEDDED HONEY MOONERS. It has its own living and dinning area for complete privacy of guest.
GULSHAN: “Gulshan” with it’s front veranda facing the lake is also another two double bedroom boat.

Gentle sounds of voice and our-dappled waters greet you in the morning, as you come awake in your waterborne homes, beautiful houseboats moored by the edge of Srinagar’s lakes. For these are the greatest attraction, enchanting water-boat residences of cedar wood with their stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, all furnished with carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics and Kashmiri objects d’ art.


Just next to the above mentioned houseboats you can step directly onto the beautiful garden, namely Naseem Bagh, which used to be one of the Mughal Gardens, flower covered and shadow cast by more than 400 years old Famous Chinar Trees from the Mughal Emperors period. It’s such a DELIGHTFUL COMBINATION WITH COLORS AND FLOWERS CHANGING BY THE NATURE OF THE FOUR SEASONS.
The Dal Lake is famous for the comfortable houseboats as well as the SHIKARAS which are considered as “THE TAXIS OF THE LAKE.

Gliding by floating vegetable gardens on their way to the Mughals Paradise, on the hillskirts of mighty mother Himalaya, in such a dream of a transport being paddled by a singing shikaraman. Just close your eyes and take a nap, for later on only to wake up to the spectacular view, not possible to put in proper words. Your launch is delicately arranged at your taste in a willow-basket brought along.


At the popular hill resorts “GULMARG and SONMARG“, you may choose a pony ride up in the forest to glimpse the glacier, or even feel the silence so far away from city’s noise, stress and strain. This is also the natural starting point of Trekking, so in case you do have a desire to make a combined holiday and come back to your cozy houseboat thereafter.
TREKKING SEASON IN KASHMIR IS FROM JUNE 15th TO 30th SEPTEMBER only and all the necessary equipments are provided.


Would you like to watch the beautiful little bird coloured so brilliant blue, bright orange, white and just a little black, an almost unbelievable color combination…….Yes, you guessed it, it’s a Kingfisher “fishing”. “All under, and up it comes with it’s catch………a tiny fish to be swallowed all in one, head first”. There are as many as 3 different sizes of Kingfishers. Would you like to make a 7 days trek to catch your own delicious trout in a crystal clear glacier lake way up in the beautiful Himalayas? POSSIBLE!


Not to mention Kashmiri handicrafts—in case your heart desires! So please don’t hesitate, the beautiful nature up there, the rich culture and spirit of the extraordinary KASHMIR VALLEY, is there to greet you any day, any time!


In case you come from Leh(LADAKH), you can easily come by road or by air. In case you arrive by bus (via JAMMU) please insist at the TOURIST RECEPTION CENTRE to be guided in a proper manner directly to NASEEM BAGH near the famous HAZRATBAL SHRINE.

If you prefer the spectacular bus ride via LAMAYURU and ZOJILA, you can just ask the driver to stop at the gate of BUTTS CLERMONT HOUSEBOATS (provided a signboard easily spotted). If you come by air, then at the Srinagar Airport you will be met by a representative from BUTT’s CLERMONT HOUSEBOAT (provided a signboard easily spotted).

You will certainly feel warmly welcome, as Mr. Butt and staff will do everything to make you feel at ease under his care and hospitality.

The homely comfort, food at your taste, with any other possibilities open to your choice whether a lazy shikara ride, sunbathing on the houseboats top-deck, shopping, trekking, relaxing, reading and just being served whatever desired.

A cup of Kashmiri green tea with almonds, cardamon and saffron is unforgettable, being made in it’s original steaming “SAMAVAR“. Mutton or Chicken curry; Kashmiri tandoori fried bread and tea; Coffee and toast; Bisleri drinking water is available everywher. Fruit in plentiful. Walnuts come from Kashmir and even tastes nicer!!!!


We have been honoured to have the intellectuals from different countries, Ambassadors, State Guests, Heads and Members of International Organisations, Film Personalities, Rock Stars, Business People, Writers, Journalists as our valued guests.

We look forward to have you as our valued guests in this beautiful valley; be rest assured that you will enjoy your stay with us and will go back with happy memories and have the desire to come again and again.